Traveling Exhibitions

Special Exhibition for Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize(2021))

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein receiving the Nobel Prize, this exhibition displays installations and science toys related to Einstein’s scientific theories, demonstrates experiments with the help of imaging technology, and presents his principles. The exhibition … [+]

Albert Einstein Exhibition in Shanghai(2019)

Albert Einstein was a visionary physicist who changed fundamentally the way we look at the world around us. He revolutionized our understanding of the laws of nature and reinterpreted the very essence of light, time, energy and gravity. He became … [+]

Anthony Browne’s Special Exhibition in Beijing(2019)

Internationally famous Surrealist artist Anthony Browne brings 150 plus original works across the world in order to convey children’s perspectives, to explore the deeper subconscious, to breakthrough the logic and border of reality in adult’s world; along with humor and … [+]

Creative Roughness—Contemporary Israeli Design(2016)

Creative Roughness—Contemporary Israeli Design Design: the Backbone of the Start-up Nation, the Leverage to Optimize Limited Resources ◎ Date :2016.07.09-08.14 ◎ Time:10:00 – 18:00 ◎ Venue :Songshan Cultural and Creative Park   1. From desert land to Start-up Nation!45 Israeli … [+]

Rubber Duck Tours China(2014)

Florentijn Hofman is the artist behind the Rubber Duck plan. Symbolizing world peace, social harmony, human compatibility, the childlike, naïve rubber duck starts touring the world since 2007 and has visited several countries and cities. The Rubber Duck Tours China … [+]

Taiwan Pavilion in 2006 Biennale Architecttura di Venezia(2006)

This time our media literature worked out successfully, between September 6-9, 2006, a total of 113 international media and professionals visited the Taiwan Pavilion, and among those are six from exhibition/museum, 41 international media, 63 professionals, 3 scholars, and a … [+]