Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2010(2010)

  Public art has successfully transform its character from the early years of taking care of artists, elevating environmental quality, promoting public art education, and such singular requests to a synthetic one that becomes an important medium that touches the … [+]

Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival – NEO IMPRESSION(2009)

Hualien, originally the hometown of stone craft, not only has abundant stone resources, stone sculpting creativities, stone carving technique, and stone making industry, but the 8th International Stone Sculpting Festival hosted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hualien County also accumulates … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2009(2009)

Analyze the work’s basic information of the current year, such as the number of pieces of works, current situation of promotion in each county and city, and artists’ engagements are all one of the purposes of editing this editorial in … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2008(2008)

  The Public Art Yearbook published by the Council for Cultural Affairs is the most credible and most important submitting and publishing channel for public artworks. The Public Art Yearbook continuously issued since 1998, and has recorded the evolutionary and … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2007(2007)

  A new imagination and aspiration on beauty gradually forms to complete the public art policies, to elevate the gradation of beauty in public spaces, to prompt artists to walk out their own studios to hug the public, and to … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2006(2006)

Since 1993, Taiwan has been promoting policies on public art, which regulated new constructed public architectures to allocate 1 percent of funding on installing art pieces. For more than a decade, public art transforms from a secondary role that beautify … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2005(2005)

After continuous evolution and development, public art now is no longer art sculptures in public spaces but directs to public issues, emphasizes public participation, interaction, and symbiosis, concerns deep and substantial urban environment aesthetic virtues, and challenges the motive of … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2004(2004)

Do the judges of the public art project willing to be more tolerant on the work’s artistic expression, enabling those artists who are willing to self-challenge their limits to enter the field of public art; do those artists who joined … [+]

Public Art In Taiwan Annual 2003(2003)

In regards to “artistry,” this installation process broadened the engagement of the art world, let public space no longer belongs to bronze statues or occupied by donations of particular artists or civil organizations; in regards to “publicity,” since the process … [+]