Public Arts

Provide Shalung Green Energy Technology Park Public Art Execution Services(2021)

Title:Eden Technology Year:2021 Artist:Hsu, Tsung-Chieh Description: Fruit of the Sun :L1010cm×W1010 cm×H465 cm Messenger of the Wind 1: W960×L410×H1180cm Messenger of the Wind 2 :W1030×L420×H1180 cm Materials:Stainless steel , Aluminium Dimensions: Fruit of the Sun : It used the same … [+]

《Caterpilly》“Caterpilly,” the Public Art Installation of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(2019)

Description: Inspired by the surrounding physical context of its planned location (the garden in front of Dormitory II of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) and based on the interactive concept already tested on one of our previous … [+]

“Between Reflections,” the Public Art Installation of MRT Circular Line Banqiao Station(2019)

Description The artist uses his iconic artistic vocabulary – the monochromatic, 8.7cm strip, minimalistic geometric shapes, colors and light – to construct a newly crafted architectural space, immersing passengers entering the station in a symmetrically mirroring and, infinitely extending world. … [+]

National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area Nantou Branch Building Public Art Installation(2019)

Description: This creation marks the important mission of the National Taxation Bureau that it not only serves the public with better benefits and convenience, but also provides national taxation service. The image of pineapple, a representative industry in early economic … [+]

Zhongyouqianfeng Station Renovation and Public Art Installation(2019)

This work installation merged the imagery of “not only filling up the tank at the gas station, but go forward after,” which matched the representative slogan of “CPC cheers you up, please cheer for Taiwan.” The architecture construction and CPC … [+]

Taichung Export Processing Zone Public Art Installation(2019)

Gear, the foundation of industries, rotates wind and brings electricity, and accordingly generates light and power, which is energy. This work utilizes wind shear to make the blades swing, as flashing blades create changes of light and shadow, it signifies … [+]

Taipei MRT Yongchun and Houshanpi Station Public Art Installation(2018)

Yongchun Station: The representation of Yongchun Wetlands Park, collared scops owl, becomes the highlight of the work that also combines the ecology of firefly in the wetlands park and assimilates within the aesthetics of the artwork. The visitors will feel … [+]

Glowing Flow – Public Artwork at Keelung Station(2016)

Glowing Flow Year:2015 Artist:Soo Sunny Park Curatorial Team:Blue Dragon Art Company Medium:Stainless Steel, Radiant Plexi, Color Plexi Dimensions:3H x 6.5L x 4.4W m “Glowing Flow” is inspired by Keelung. It reflects the feature of Keelung, a mountainous seaside city. It … [+]

Central Taiwan Science Park Administration Dorm Public Art Installation(2016)

The Central Taiwan Science Park Administration plans with the ideal of “production, living, ecology, and life” these four features to emphasize the harmonious symbiosis between the industrial park and ecological environment. Thus, with the dorm being the center, “Window of … [+]

The Window View of Life – Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology(2016)

The Window View of Life – Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Artist: David Gerstein A Window View of Life, Blooming This work serves as a part of the public art project, A Window View of Life, for the … [+]

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying Public Art Installation(2015)

The buildings and surrounding parks at the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Weiwuying are designed with the concept of “organism,” thus this project aims to install a public art work that makes two “organic compounds” interact and communicate without … [+]

The 130th Anniversary of Taipei City Hall Public Art Installation Project(2014)

This project uses the theme of “railway chasing,” which utilizes the motion concept of “chasing” and combines the axial channels of railways to form a spatial element that intersects and flows within the urban structures. This projects programs the space-time … [+]

Air Force Command Headquarters Zhongyong District Public Art Installation(2014)

The topic for this public art project is “Riding High on the Wind, Steel Winds in the Clouds,” which strengthens the aspiration of the daily renewal of the air force and elevation of military strength. In addition, sky, wind, and … [+]

Reuse Beimen Station Unearthed Building Materials Construction(2013)

This area is treated as a cultural heritage district from the perspective of urban planning and its positioning of overall cultural traits and development in the area. Due to the campaign of preserving cultural heritage and educational significance, the design … [+]

International Site Environment Design Project: Public Art Installation(2013)

The endless, vast, and extensive Pacific Ocean delicately hugs 176 miles of Taitung’s coastline. To install a global level landmark at this significant location that hugs the ocean, welcomes the sunlight, and holds historical meaning of Taitung’s development is very … [+]

Swiss Artist Christian Gonzenbach Sculpture Making Project(2013)

This project is commissioned by Swiss artist Christian Gonzenbach to assist with the creation of the sculpture of Louis Chevrolet, the founder of American automobile company Chevrolet, in Taiwan. After one year of making a 450 cm tall mirror reflective … [+]

Provide Kaoshiung Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2012)

The content for this phase of the public art installation was to install works that presented the park’s imagery and technological-art-town style, and fully characterized with the traits of the park that will guide the specialized atmosphere (Fu) of the … [+]

Provide Kaoshiung Science Park Public Art Installation & Planning Services(2011)

This public art project is executed with the theme of “With Fu (feel), with Fun, with Future—Creation of a Scientific Art Town.” We hope that the connotation and spirituality brought by the public art installation in the park will become … [+]

Provide Agricultural Biotechnology Park Trilogy Public Art Installation Services(2010)

The characteristics of this project, agricultural industry, may not be as important and prosperous at the current society, but not to deny, the future development of the agricultural industry will still be effective to the whole economy, which Taiwan evidently … [+]

Provide Southern Taiwan Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2010)

The first phase of the public art project of Southern Taiwan Science Park was executed with the method of “Public Art Festival,” which installed 20 pieces of works in the public spaces of the park. These works had various mediums … [+]

Edit Cultural and Arts Procurements Seminar Brochure(2010)

To assist the entry level employees of cultural units and art and culture groups to understand more of the Regulations for Cultural and Arts Procurements, we and the Public Construction Commission hosted six Cultural and Arts Procurements Seminar at June, … [+]

Provide National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Public Art Agency Services(2010)

This project aspires the artist to display the characteristics of the Taiwan Photon Source Accelerator lavatory and at the same time express the colleague’s culture, feelings, and memories of this center through constructing an interface for the employees to contact … [+]

Provide National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Public Art Installation Services(2010)

Hope that the creation of public art not only inspires more ocean and environmental education and spreads more art seeds to visitors and neighboring living spaces, but also integrates the historical, cultural characteristics of Taipei Fossil Fuel Power Station in … [+]

Provide 2010 Hsinchu Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2010)

  This project uses three different methods for solicitation: commission creation, comparison invitation, and open call. • Commission Creation Project Created by Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor, the Flower Tower is a continuation of his 1986 Persians series, which … [+]

Shuiyuan Market Public Art Installation Project(2009)

Just one street away from NTU, the Shuiyuan Market Building, which stands over half a century, became quite incompatible with the continuously updating street scenes surrounding it. The Taipei City Government enlisted this architecture under the urban renewal project “Gongguan … [+]

Provide NTBNA—Banqiao Branch Office Building Public Art Installation Services(2009)

1. Correspond with the traits of the base’s environment to create a bold, affinitive, residential public artwork that connects the visual route in order to achieve the goal of creating aestheticity, leisure, public interactivity, and neighborly in public space; aspire … [+]

Provide TRA Xin Zuoying Station Public Art Installation Services(2009)

Using a new method that will release the interior construction fee to artists for overall planning, the art piece really will merge within the station and shape a comprehensive spatiality. The goal of construction is to exert the transport function … [+]

Provide Taipei Municipal Nangang Elementary School Dormitory Public Art Installation Services(2009)

  School is an education unit that also bears the duty of community social education. Through the creation of public art, more artistic seeds will be inspired and art factors will be spread to the living spaces of neighboring community, … [+]

Provide Wanxing Elementary School Classroom & Activity Center Public Art Installation Services(2009)

School is an education unit that also bears the duty of community social education. Through the creation of public art, more artistic seeds will be inspired, and art factors will be spread to the living spaces of neighboring community, which … [+]

Kaohsiung Main Station Red Line Public Art Installation(2008)

Public Art’s interface includes artistic creation, landscape space, community and public, and historical culture such four layers. This project not only creates interactions between people and artwork through the public art installation but also creates interactions and communication between people … [+]

Provide NTU Mingda Hall Public Art Installation Services(2007)

  This project was formed due to the needs of academic development and lack of laboratories in the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NTU. Under the pressure of deficient governmental budget, the funding of this construction project all … [+]

Provide Liutui Hakka Cultural Park Public Art Installation Services(2007)

This project’s topic is “Find the Roots‧Reproduce Hakka Spirit.” The traditional Taiwanese Hakka culture displays characteristics such as “respect God, value ancestors, be aware of the harmonious interaction with nature.” Thus, this project aspires to interpret the “Liutui Hakka spirit” … [+]

Provide NCYU College of Management & Multi-Purpose lnstruction Building Public Art Installation Services(2007)

                The display of public art wishes to reflect the building’s modern simplicity and the Zen atmosphere and traits created by the inner and outer plaza, which also persists the urban axis of … [+]

Provide NTU Barry Lam Hall Public Art Installation Services(2006)

  In cooperation with the image of Barry Lam Hall architecture and its characteristic shape and surroundings, we beautified the environment and architecture, improved the diversity of the public space, created spatial aesthetic, and considered the maintenance in the future.

Taishan Senior High School Library and Information Center Public Art Project (2006)

  The construction of TSSH Library and Information Center symbolizes the school’s spirit of tradition and legacy and the meaning of opening up a new era. The library is the axis of the school’s education assistance; therefore, to provide a … [+]

Binjiang Junior High School Dorm Construction and Public Art Installation(2005)

The chess-like public art at the main entrance of Binjiang Junior High School is created by the French artist Daniel Buren, who used to exhibit at Pompidou and other art centers, and it symbolizes education is like playing chess through … [+]