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Yilan Cultural Technology 5G Application Project: 2023-2024 Annual Art Maker Festival Series and Overseas Export Demonstration Commissioned Professional Service (2023)

The 7th annual Yilan cultural event, the ‘2023 Art Maker Festival,’ has kicked off in grand style! Five outstanding artists from both Taiwan and abroad have been invited to showcase their works, connecting art with 5G technology and digital innovation. … [+]

“2023 Taiwan Ceramics Awards Planning and Exhibition Execution” Commissioned Professional Services Procurement (2023)

In the spirit of “Witnessing Exemplars, Creating the Future, Enriching the Present,” the Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City has organized the “Taiwan Ceramics Awards,” featuring four major categories: “Excellence Award,” “Creative Award,” “Practical Award,” and “Emerging Talent Award.” … [+]

2023 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project – Flowing Along the Banks (2023)

The 2023 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project revolves around the theme ‘Flowing Along the Banks.’ Through curated artistic presentations, the project guides the public to trace the trajectory of landscape development, allowing for a fresh perspective on the urban landscape … [+]

Taipei Fashion Week – ‘Woman in Arts & Fashion’ (2023)

The Taiwan Women’s Art Association collaborates with SS24 Taipei Fashion Week to proudly present the ‘Woman in Arts & Fashion’ fashion show on October 16, 2023. Curated by Ms. Yuling Wang, the curator and chairwoman of the Taiwan Women’s Art … [+]

Taoyuan City A8 Transit Center BOT Project Public Art Administration Agency (2023)

The sculpture “Wheel of Happiness,” created by artists Chen Li-Sin and Chiang Hsien-Ming, stands at the main entrance and exit of the transit center. The circular, hollow sculpture symbolizes completeness, with regular lines extending inside and outside, representing the movement … [+]

Love in the Temple | Bangka Lungshan Temple – The Birthday Party of God of Love (2023)

Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the birthday of the God of Love, who is the divine overseer of matchmaking. On this day, it is considered the best time to seek blessings for romantic relationships. To celebrate this auspicious … [+]

“Dreams of Craftsmanship – National Creative Craft Competition Exhibition” Ingenious Creations (2023)

To convey Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and abundant creative energy in craftsmanship, the Hsinchu County Cultural Foundation organized the inaugural “Dreams of Craftsmanship – National Creative Craft Competition.” The competition focuses on the creation of local specialties and creative crafts, … [+]

SanChong Air Force Military Kindred Village No.1 (2023)

Japanese artist Akinori OISHI utilizes hand-drawn small characters as his creative form, drawing inspiration from everyday life. Proficient in anthropomorphizing objects through his artwork, he imparts a ‘cute’ impression to his pieces. Using simple lines, OISHI outlines richly narrative, smiling … [+]

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Taichung (2023)

The highly anticipated large-scale shopping center, “Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Taichung,” will have its grand opening in 2023. Wego Art curates three sets of public artworks, including “Taichung-ese” by artist Tsai Tung-lin, created with public participation, “Impressions of Taichung Sugar … [+]

The 112th National Art Exhibition (2023)

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, in its commitment to promoting artistic talent and encouraging creative expression, is hosting the ‘National Art Exhibition’ to showcase a diverse array of artistic creations. The submission categories include Ink Painting, Calligraphy, Seal … [+]

Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital Public Art Installation Project – Flowing Illumination (2023)

This project installs public artworks filled with positive energy and a delightful atmosphere, aiming to soothe the tense atmosphere in the hospital, soften the space, and reduce stress for patients and their families. Each colored piece of the artwork represents … [+]

Chung Yuan on Wings(2023)

Chung Yuan on Wings is inspired by the ancient maps of Taiwan and Taoyuan. The shapes are all narrow and long, allowing people to live and work in peace and contentment on this land. Using the unique toughness of bamboo … [+]

Taiwan Railways Metro Transformation – Kaohsiung Urban Railway Underground Project Public Art Installation Phase 1 – ‘Green Motion of Technology’ (2023)

This project is located at the “National Science And Technology Museum Station ,” one of the seven new commuter stations in the Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project. Following the concept of urban stitching, it is hoped that people from two areas … [+]

“Dreams of Craftsmanship – National Creative Craft Competition” (2023)

【Craftsman’s Dream – National Creative Craft Competition! Total Prize Money Exceeding NT$320,000】 We cordially invite artisans nationwide to participate in this competition. Centered around the ‘Hsinchu Elements,’ including cultural landmarks, historical buildings, industrial characteristics, and local materials in Hsinchu County, … [+]

Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum 2022 Outdoor Art Museum – Art Ark: The Living Ark (2022)

The museum exhibition halls and landscape at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum are vibrant and energetic spaces. The outdoor art installations, starting from the ground, provide different perspectives on historical and cultural aspects, paving diverse paths for … [+]

Charm of the Forest- The Exhibition of Giant Cypress Trees in Taiwan (2022)

Taiwan, with seventy percent of its land covered by mountains, is renowned as the ‘Island of Divine Trees.’ Within the lush and expansive forests, there lies a plethora of ‘Giant Tree Mountain Groups,’ some aged over a thousand years, scattered … [+]

Love and Hope – 2022 World Women’s Art Festival (2022)

Utilizing materials such as natural fibers, glass beads, and indigenous woven patterns, the artists express their reverence for nature, concern for humanity, and respect for life through the techniques of weaving symbols and intertwining images in the realms of art … [+]

2022 Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival (2022)

This year’s Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival carries the theme ‘Flowing Rivers, Pulsating Heartbeat.’ ‘Flowing Rivers’ symbolize the vital connection of the Da-Han Stream, while ‘Pulsating Heartbeat’ represents the heartbeat of the entire Taoyuan region, evolving into the lifeline of the … [+]

The 8th Public Art Awards (2022)

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the 8th Public Art Awards ceremony took place at the Guangfu Auditorium in Taipei’s Zhongshan Hall on October 6th. The event welcomed finalists, artists, related participating teams, the cultural and artistic community, and academia. … [+]

CHANG TZU-LUNG Sculpture Art Invitation Exhibition (2022)

‘Nourishing things silently is the essence of creation; making the intangible vast is the artist’s profound introspection.’ CHANG TZU-LUNG believes that the real experiences and everyday life of creators are directly or indirectly reflected in their works. The artist’s mission … [+]

Women From Prehistory to HERstory (2022)

Traversing tens of millions of years in the space-time continuum, standing at the nexus between the past and the future, the ‘Before and After Our/Women’s History’ exhibition, themed ‘Artistic Archaeology: Gender, Myth, and Transgressions in Technology,’ seeks to reexamine and … [+]

2021 Taoyuan Land Art Festival (2022)

The Taoyuan Land Art Festival, which began in 2013 as an open-air art museum without walls, has been breaking through artistic barriers, fostering increased public closeness and interaction with art. Since 2020, the world has still been under the threat … [+]

Fuzhong 15 – “Imagine – A World of Magic” Permanent Exhibition of Dynamic Video Art (2022)

Fuzhong 15 has specially upgraded and planned the permanent exhibition space, titled ‘Imagine – A World of Magic,’ this year, encompassing animation, film and television, and multimedia technology to comprehensively create a new base for technological image art. This time, … [+]

Copyright Protection for Cultural and Artistic Works Touring Lecture on Cultural Procurement Services (2022)

The Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, formulated the ‘Regulations Governing Copyright Protection of Cultural and Art Workers and Enterprises ‘, which were announced and implemented on October 5, 2021. To effectively implement copyright protection … [+]

Ministry of Science and Technology Central Taiwan Science Park Administration Taichung and Holli District Phase 3 Public Art Installation Project – ‘Leap of AI’ (2022)

This project invites two groups of domestic and international artists to analogize AI with floral structures, radiating from the core in 360 degrees, incorporating points, lines, and surfaces from all perspectives. It resonates with Holli’s irreplaceable role in the floral … [+]

Embrace – Yosifu, A UK-based Contemporary Artist Austronesian Art Exhibition (2022)

The Exhibition showcases the work of the contemporary artist Yosifu, who is currently living in the UK. After 10 months of dedicated creation amid the pandemic, this exhibition brings together classic works from previous years, incorporating interdisciplinary influences. It transforms … [+]

Zhanlu-coffee RoBar & Lisbeth Zwerger – Crossover Exhibition of Fairy Tale Picture Book Illustrators (2021)

Zhanlu-coffee RoBar collaborates with the internationally renowned fairy tale picture book illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger for a crossover joint exhibition. This unique exhibition combines high-quality coffee and the perfect integration of an intelligent coffee barista machine arm. It infuses an Alice … [+]

Special Exhibition for Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize(2021))

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein receiving the Nobel Prize, this exhibition displays installations and science toys related to Einstein’s scientific theories, demonstrates experiments with the help of imaging technology, and presents his principles. The exhibition … [+]

Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site Public Art Installation Project (Open Solicitation) ‘Convergence・Progressive Stairs’ (2021)

The artwork attempts to create humanistic folds in the green energy technology demonstration site, forming ascending stairs with rational and cool vectorized curves. The curves, resembling soundwaves, depict symbols of human civilization exploration, celebrating the progress of human civilization through … [+]

Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site Public Art Installation Project (Open Solicitation) ‘Traces・Celestial Poetry’ (2021)

In the past, we called it the universe, encompassing all directions. In simple terms, this artwork attempts to poeticize space and time, injecting poetic humanistic meaning into the cutting-edge green energy technology demonstration site. The public art installation in the … [+]

Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site Public Art Installation Project (Open Solicitation) ‘Photosynthesis’ (2021)

‘Photosynthesis’ Artists: Chen Hung-Wei, Yen Hung-Ju (Woo Art Design Co., Ltd.) Inspired by the sun, the eternal energy source nurturing everything on Earth, this artwork uses nickel-titanium alloy springs to absorb heat and contract under sufficient sunlight, pulling the weights … [+]

Provide Shalung Green Energy Technology Park Public Art Execution Services(2021)

Title:Eden Technology Year:2021 Artist:Hsu, Tsung-Chieh Description: Fruit of the Sun :L1010cm×W1010 cm×H465 cm Messenger of the Wind 1: W960×L410×H1180cm Messenger of the Wind 2 :W1030×L420×H1180 cm Materials:Stainless steel , Aluminium Dimensions: Fruit of the Sun : It used the same … [+]

Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas-The Homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection(2021)

This exhibition stands in the foot of Doctor of Pharmacy, collector, and donator HSU Hong-Yuan to display the caring perspective and invested enthusiasm in his life. A total of 232 pieces of works are exhibited and 195 artists, birth-year ranging … [+]

Armed Forces Museum Relics Selection(2021)

The Armed Forces Museum celebrates its 60th anniversary, and this exhibition uses 60 classic items from its collection as the main axis of curation. Through displaying calligraphy, paintings, medals, images, certificates, historical data, weapons, and other diversified types of items, … [+]

2020 Zhuangwei Dune Land Art Festival – Where the Waves Meet the Sand(2020)

The 2nd year of Zhuangwei Land Art Festival presents “Seeing Zhuangwei” as topic, and invites nine exceptional artist groups, local and foreign, to adorn Zhuangwei with a new appearance in order to explore and interpret its regional features. Hoping through … [+]

M.O.C 7th Public Art Award(2020)

On October 29th we hosted the awards ceremony and revealed the Excellence Award, the Artistic Creation Award, the Environmental Integration Award, the Public Participation Award, the Public Self-run Public Art Award, and the Special Jury Award, such seven main awards. … [+]

Stone Mambo-2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival(2020)

The 12th “Hualien International Stone Sculptural Festival,” with the theme of “Stone Mambo”, breaks the conventional static exhibition framework, taking the artists’ creative processes as the main concept. Thus, “movement” is taken as the main theme to connect the essence … [+]

A Century of Glory: Special Exhibition of the100th Anniversary of Republic of China Air Force’s Foundation(2020)

A Century of Glory: Special Exhibition of the100th Anniversary of Republic of China Air Force’s Foundation The Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) has bravely defeated enemies, guarded the country since establishment. The A Century of Glory: Special Exhibition of … [+]

Creative Cityscaping-2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival(2020)

The 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival takes place in Dalun, Zhongli District and Shuanglianpo, Pingzhen District from Septemper 18 to October 4, a duration of 17 days, to present the theme “Construction of City”. Starting from the city’s future, natural … [+]

Misty Forest-The Summer Art Installation in Zhuangwei Dune(2020)

Artist Wen-Fu Yu once again builds a land art with a summer, refreshing style at Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center. The newest, pure white, misty forest land art seems like the surrounding cloud and mist at dawn, as if a mist … [+]

《Caterpilly》“Caterpilly,” the Public Art Installation of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(2019)

Description: Inspired by the surrounding physical context of its planned location (the garden in front of Dormitory II of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) and based on the interactive concept already tested on one of our previous … [+]

“Between Reflections,” the Public Art Installation of MRT Circular Line Banqiao Station(2019)

Description The artist uses his iconic artistic vocabulary – the monochromatic, 8.7cm strip, minimalistic geometric shapes, colors and light – to construct a newly crafted architectural space, immersing passengers entering the station in a symmetrically mirroring and, infinitely extending world. … [+]

National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area Nantou Branch Building Public Art Installation(2019)

Description: This creation marks the important mission of the National Taxation Bureau that it not only serves the public with better benefits and convenience, but also provides national taxation service. The image of pineapple, a representative industry in early economic … [+]

2019 Zhuangwei Dune Land Art Festival(2019)

This year we adopt craft and application as the concept for the starting point of artistic creation. Through the call of submission activity, we gladly invite artists from all over the world, and have appointed 10 groups of land art … [+]

Strength from the Mountain and the Sea Indigenous Art Exhibition(2019)

Strength from the Mountain and the Sea Indigenous Art Exhibition Curator| Wang, Yu Hsin ( Tanivu Tapari ) Strength from the Mountain and Sea Indigenous Art Exhibition adopts the cura- torial concept based on the ancient Austronesian terms, “Ceoa” (land), … [+]

2019 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project(2019)

This year’s landscape art installation is co-created by artist CHIU Cheng-Hung and hydrophytes expert CHEN Te-Hong, trying to explore and analyze in archives the gradually extinct residential plants and environmental transition of Keelung River due to multiple channel works. Through … [+]

Albert Einstein Exhibition in Shanghai(2019)

Albert Einstein was a visionary physicist who changed fundamentally the way we look at the world around us. He revolutionized our understanding of the laws of nature and reinterpreted the very essence of light, time, energy and gravity. He became … [+]

Zhongyouqianfeng Station Renovation and Public Art Installation(2019)

This work installation merged the imagery of “not only filling up the tank at the gas station, but go forward after,” which matched the representative slogan of “CPC cheers you up, please cheer for Taiwan.” The architecture construction and CPC … [+]

Return hometown-Meinong Tzeng Wen-Zhong Art Exhibition(2019)

With the affection and memories of the hometown, Tseng Wenchung describes the Hakka culture, humanity and land in Meinong in his works. He takes the natural landscape, cultural features and historical sites as the topics to create a series of … [+]

2019 Annual Award Certification Ceremony and Special Exhibition for Preservers of Important Traditional Art(2019)

This exhibition surrounds on important traditional performance art of Taiwanese opera (gezaixi) off-stage music preserver Zhu-An Lin, important traditional craft art of mural painting preserver Ping-Shun Hung, and important traditional craft art of wood carving preserver Ping-Kui Lee. Lin artisan, … [+]

Execution and Service for 2019 Taoyuan Illustrative Design Event(2019)

Taoyuan International Illustration Exhibition presents with “listening to the heart” as topic in three exhibiting spaces—follow the storyteller to Taoyuan’s secret place and route, follow the examiner to record daily life and discover, and to follow the adventurer to bravely … [+]

Anthony Browne’s Special Exhibition in Beijing(2019)

Internationally famous Surrealist artist Anthony Browne brings 150 plus original works across the world in order to convey children’s perspectives, to explore the deeper subconscious, to breakthrough the logic and border of reality in adult’s world; along with humor and … [+]

Daily Observation: 2019 Dadaocheng Summer Public Art Festival(2019)

With solar terms and life as theme, we promote the tradition of living by solar terms, recall the rhythm of life according to Summer Solstice, and through the process of searching public art, we bridge with the unique culture scenery … [+]

URS127 Fun! Art Factory

The Blue Dragon Art Company stationed in the URS127 from October 2013 to March 2019. With the name of Fun! Art Factory, we apply our profession in modern art execution and become the communication platform between traditional industry and emerging … [+]

Taichung Export Processing Zone Public Art Installation(2019)

Gear, the foundation of industries, rotates wind and brings electricity, and accordingly generates light and power, which is energy. This work utilizes wind shear to make the blades swing, as flashing blades create changes of light and shadow, it signifies … [+]


Building the epitome of Asian New Bay area with the central spirit of transform and renovation of harbor, the emerging industry, green sustainability, and the metamorphosis of urban city are chosen as the exhibition principals. Using Kaoshiung’s most commonly seen … [+]

Taipei MRT Yongchun and Houshanpi Station Public Art Installation(2018)

Yongchun Station: The representation of Yongchun Wetlands Park, collared scops owl, becomes the highlight of the work that also combines the ecology of firefly in the wetlands park and assimilates within the aesthetics of the artwork. The visitors will feel … [+]


Taipei City Government has organized the Design and City Exhibition since 2012, aiming to highlight the devotion and importance of design within the scope of contemporary city development. With the realization of city value created by Taipei’s citizens, the exhibition … [+]

2018 Yilan Chair Design Award(2018)

In order to transmit the hospitality and sincerity of Yilan citizens and Yilan’s natural beauty of mountains and forests, the Yilan County Government connects Yilan’s local nature and life through the power of creative designs, which also echoes with the … [+]


The curators with diversified backgrounds each provides their different perspective on Taitung, and due to the different perspectives, we encounter with Taitung in different ways. The born and raised in Taitung curator who is especially familiar with Taitung, the curator … [+]

Taipei Public Art Subsidy Case: Night Watch Dadaocheng(2018)

The 3rd Summer in Twatutia Public Art Festival presented the characteristics of summer solstices in a contemporary art method and hosted seasonal arts and culture within the streets of Twatutia from Chinese New Year to the end of the year. … [+]

Taichung Station-Anticipation(2018)

A child carrying luggage, a symbol of pure innocence when people look forward to. In addition, look out on the multilevel horizontal circle with rich colors like from fast moving train, quickly flashed the fuzzy landscape. While everyone else is … [+]

Chihiro Iwasaki Echibition Children in the World : Peace and Happiness for All(2018)

Japanese artist Chihiro Iwasaki (1918-1974) was born 100 years ago. Her paintings mostly appear in children’s books. She leaves nearly 10,000 pieces of works behind her. National Museum of History selects 100 original paintings, as well as her favorite tools, … [+]

Taitung International Cultural Crafts and Design Exchange Program (2017)

This exciting journey began in September, with international participants traveling to Taitung to learn and experience local cultural teachings organized by various workshop instructors. In October, participants from Taitung County embarked on a creative exchange to Thailand and Guam. They … [+]

Green Touch: Asia Eco Green Design Exhibition(2017)

Green Touch: Asia Eco Craft Design Exhibition” explores the philosophy and im-plementation of eco design in contemporary craftsmanship. Highlighting the spirits of “local sourcing” and “hand making” within the context of traditional crafts develop-ment, the exhibition tackles eco-friendly ideas in … [+]

2017 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project(2017)

The “2017 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project” discovers the body movement within the city via urban landscape holistic thinking; through landscape public art installation, themed activities, and themed guides and creative workshops, we together discover the meanings of rivers to … [+]

Design Togeher: Zhongshan – Shuanglian(2017)

The exhibition Together・Fun Design invites about 30 groups of local design community, stores, and artists from the Zhongshan Creative Art Block to participate with a local cultural vision and an attitude of art of living as starting point. Through exhibition, … [+]

Youth in the Age of Hope”1960s Taiwan Culture Fenghua Special Exhibition(2016)

Returning to Youth • See the Age of Hope Date: 2016.10.25-2017.01.15 Time: 09: 00-18: 00 Location: CKS Memorial Hall Central Corridor 1950s Taiwan, faced with a dangerous international situation, experienced Kinmen shelling, 823 artillery, in the United States under the … [+]

2016 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project(2016)

Public art and the urban appearance of Taipei City always have an inseparable relationship. Since the passing of the Regulations Governing the Installation of Public Artwork at 1998, art not only walked in to various public spaces with various forms … [+]

Creative Roughness—Contemporary Israeli Design(2016)

Creative Roughness—Contemporary Israeli Design Design: the Backbone of the Start-up Nation, the Leverage to Optimize Limited Resources ◎ Date :2016.07.09-08.14 ◎ Time:10:00 – 18:00 ◎ Venue :Songshan Cultural and Creative Park   1. From desert land to Start-up Nation!45 Israeli … [+]

2016 WDC-Design Solution: Swedish Design For 170 Years(2016)

2016 WDC-Design Solution What do you think of when it comes to Scandinavian design? Designer chairs? Or furniture with minimal lines that brings warmness? Scandinavian style has been the popular trend in Taiwan for the recent years and behind the … [+]


2016 YUE JIN LANTERN FESTIVAL The Tainan Yue Jin Lantern Festival attracted tourists each year from around Taiwan ever since it began in 2010. A large scale lantern exhibition with exquisite local creativity and culture designs has become one of … [+]

Glowing Flow – Public Artwork at Keelung Station(2016)

Glowing Flow Year:2015 Artist:Soo Sunny Park Curatorial Team:Blue Dragon Art Company Medium:Stainless Steel, Radiant Plexi, Color Plexi Dimensions:3H x 6.5L x 4.4W m “Glowing Flow” is inspired by Keelung. It reflects the feature of Keelung, a mountainous seaside city. It … [+]

Central Taiwan Science Park Administration Dorm Public Art Installation(2016)

The Central Taiwan Science Park Administration plans with the ideal of “production, living, ecology, and life” these four features to emphasize the harmonious symbiosis between the industrial park and ecological environment. Thus, with the dorm being the center, “Window of … [+]

The Window View of Life – Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology(2016)

The Window View of Life – Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Artist: David Gerstein A Window View of Life, Blooming This work serves as a part of the public art project, A Window View of Life, for the … [+]

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying Public Art Installation(2015)

The buildings and surrounding parks at the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Weiwuying are designed with the concept of “organism,” thus this project aims to install a public art work that makes two “organic compounds” interact and communicate without … [+]

1920-1930 Tataocheng’s Fashion Show(2015)

1920-1930 Tataocheng’s Fashion Show Date:2015/10/2-11/2 Opening:10/10, pm.14:00-15:00 Location:URS127 Art Factory 2F(NO.127, SEC.1, DIHUA STREET,TAIPEI, TAIWAN)                  

【The Modern Grandma’s Girlhood】Fashion Show Exhibition in Dadaocheng (2015)

In the 1920s and 1930s, with Western modernization and increased education, Taiwanese women gradually embarked on a different way of life. They unbound their feet, went to school, worked, and enjoyed various modern leisure activities after work. The awakening and … [+]

Kveta Pacovská’s Illustrated Kingdom Exhibition(2015)

This granny who only started creating illustration books at the age 50 is not stingy to spray colors boldly on canvas; instead, she utilizes pure red, green, blue, yellow, and such vibrant colors along with childlike and exaggeratedly deformed characters … [+]

Swan Lake Installation Art(2015)

This exhibition uses the method of inflatable art to conceal imaginative large creatures and plantlike art pieces in the Swan Lake Ecological Park in order to highlight the characteristics of the local natural environment. This arrangement of contemporary art within … [+]

321 Blue Dragon” Exhibition Call for Submissions

Tainan 321 Art Alley Settlement, Youth Artist Exhibition, 2015

Ministry of National Defense Boai Subproject Public Art C2 Project (2014)

Modern defense consciousness has shifted from traditional battlefield victories to strategic planning, step by step. Therefore, the public art theme is ‘Between Square and Circle, Planning Before Action,’ presenting a new perspective on modern defense. The public art uses square … [+]

The 130th Anniversary of Taipei City Hall Public Art Installation Project(2014)

This project uses the theme of “railway chasing,” which utilizes the motion concept of “chasing” and combines the axial channels of railways to form a spatial element that intersects and flows within the urban structures. This projects programs the space-time … [+]

The Enigma of M.C. Escher: Prints from The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2014)

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is a renowned Dutch print artist. This exhibition originates from Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, which all Escher prints are kindly donated from New York art collector Charles Kramer and the Kramer family. This exhibition displays 152 pieces … [+]

2014 Taoyuan Land Art Festival(2014)

When art leaves the museum, there are more possible relationships between art, space, and the public! At the 2013 Land Art Festival, we experienced the heat of culture and art. This year, with the special scenery at the mystic Taoyuan … [+]

Rubber Duck Tours China(2014)

Florentijn Hofman is the artist behind the Rubber Duck plan. Symbolizing world peace, social harmony, human compatibility, the childlike, naïve rubber duck starts touring the world since 2007 and has visited several countries and cities. The Rubber Duck Tours China … [+]

Air Force Command Headquarters Zhongyong District Public Art Installation(2014)

The topic for this public art project is “Riding High on the Wind, Steel Winds in the Clouds,” which strengthens the aspiration of the daily renewal of the air force and elevation of military strength. In addition, sky, wind, and … [+]

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition(2014)

Till today, the annual exhibition Bologna Illustration Exhibition hold in Bologna, Italy has always been the art palace for illustrators all over the world, who are all honored to enter the exhibition! This exhibition has once again been officially authorized … [+]

2013 Taoyuan Land Art Festival (2013)

The location Xinwu (New House) originated from the successful tillage of the Fan-Chiang family and the continuous constructions of ancestral temples and new houses, which locals called “building new houses” in Hakka, and earned its name from since. Except from … [+]

Salone Internazionale del Mobile Taiwan Contemporary Chair Project Execution (2013)

Since 2010, the first time getting invited to enter Triennale de Milano and earning passionate responses from the design world, this year is the third time we are invited to join the exhibition; nevertheless, we not only get to display … [+]

The World of Imagination: Lisbeth Zwerger’s Illustration Exhibition (Pier 2)(2013)

Winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Lifetime Achievement, Lisbeth Zwerger, the youngest award winner, comes to Taiwan for the first time! The works displayed in this exhibition come from the touring exhibition that just ended in Kyoto, Japan, … [+]

Reuse Beimen Station Unearthed Building Materials Construction(2013)

This area is treated as a cultural heritage district from the perspective of urban planning and its positioning of overall cultural traits and development in the area. Due to the campaign of preserving cultural heritage and educational significance, the design … [+]

International Site Environment Design Project: Public Art Installation(2013)

The endless, vast, and extensive Pacific Ocean delicately hugs 176 miles of Taitung’s coastline. To install a global level landmark at this significant location that hugs the ocean, welcomes the sunlight, and holds historical meaning of Taitung’s development is very … [+]

Art Exchange Exhibition with International Triennale Kogei in Kanazawa (2013)

With the theme of International Triennale of Kosei in Kanazawa Exchange Exhibition in Taiwan, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute specially invites the curator and director of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Yuji Akimoto to plan and … [+]

Swiss Artist Christian Gonzenbach Sculpture Making Project(2013)

This project is commissioned by Swiss artist Christian Gonzenbach to assist with the creation of the sculpture of Louis Chevrolet, the founder of American automobile company Chevrolet, in Taiwan. After one year of making a 450 cm tall mirror reflective … [+]

Southern Taiwan Science Park Art Festival Kaohsiung Science Park (2013)

The overall theme for the public art planning of the Southern Taiwan Science Park Art Festival Kaohsiung Science Park is set as “有Fu, 有Fun, 有Future – Creating a Techno-Art Town.” With the principle of “participation and creation,” it starts from … [+]

The Stunning Pop-up Book(2012)

This exhibition surrounds the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk to guide the public entering the fantasy of pop-up books, to profoundly understand the history of pop-up books, and to enjoy representative pop-up books from all over the world; while … [+]

Promotion Case for Executing and Marketing Young Artists Discovery: Made in Taiwan(2012)

After intense competitions, there are eight artists nominated by this year’s recommendation zone: Po-Cheng Liao, Ting-Ting Cheng, Ya-Lan Yu, Tai-Chun Chao, Ya-Chu Kang, Scottie Huang, Meng-Han Hsu, Han-Hong Tai. Except from academic born artists from art universities in Taipei and … [+]

Provide Kaoshiung Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2012)

The content for this phase of the public art installation was to install works that presented the park’s imagery and technological-art-town style, and fully characterized with the traits of the park that will guide the specialized atmosphere (Fu) of the … [+]

Taiwan Pavilion in 2012 Biennale Architecttura di Venezia(2012)

The topic for this year’s Taiwanese Pavilion is Enlightenment of Geography, which thinks architecture in a cultural geographic academic way, simulates nature to achieve an organic implementation, experiments like a geographer, creates a Taiwanese architecture story constructed by the Tropic … [+]

Taoyuan County Government and Tokyo Investment Briefing(2012)

The characteristic of this project is that Japan is the second largest trading partner of Taiwan and also the main source country of outside investment, which marks the intimate commerce relationship and complement relationship between Taiwanese and Japanese industries; the … [+]

Early Planning and Education Training Program for Promoting Cultural Participation Policies for People with Disabilities (2012)

To promote the cultural rights of people with disabilities and implement relevant provisions of international conventions on civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, as well as the Domestic Disabled Persons Rights Protection Act, the Ministry of Culture planned and … [+]

Hualien International Stone Carving Festival: Israel Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition (2011)

This time we especially choose to cut through with the topic “country” in order to enable the public to view modern sculptures in a more comprehensive perspective and angle. This exhibition invites works from five famous Israel modern art artists, … [+]

Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival (2011)

In response to the global concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction, this festival emphasizes the importance of protecting the natural environment. Utilizing the natural beauty of Hualien, it provides an opportunity for everyone to re-experience and reflect on the … [+]

Chia-Yi City Nan-Sing Junior High School 98-100 Old School Building Renovation Project Public Art Installation (2011)

The artist chose ‘stories’ as the theme for the seven-piece ‘Island’ series, aiming to engage in a dialogue between the relatively unseen ‘literary arts’ and junior high school education. After the installation of the artwork, the school hopes that besides … [+]

Promotion Case for Executing and Marketing Young Artists Discovery: Made in Taiwan(2011)

The “Made in Taiwan—Rookies Recommendation Zone” from the Art Taipei 2011 is a zone planned since 2008 by the Council for Cultural Affairs. Through the process of open call (from 114 artists), Chien-Chung Ding, Shu-Jung Chao, Chi-Ming Tu, Shuai-Cheng Pu, … [+]

National Taiwan University Teaching Building Phase I New Construction Project Public Art Installation Project (2011)

Starting with the concept of ‘global citizenship’ and themed as ‘Earth in the Classroom,’ this project conveys a three-dimensional perspective view created by white iron bars, forming a relief effect where three-dimensional and two-dimensional lines intersect. The visually hollow effect … [+]

Provide Kaoshiung Science Park Public Art Installation & Planning Services(2011)

This public art project is executed with the theme of “With Fu (feel), with Fun, with Future—Creation of a Scientific Art Town.” We hope that the connotation and spirituality brought by the public art installation in the park will become … [+]

Southern Taiwan Science Park Late Spring Arts and Culture Festival (2011)

Utilizing the green landscape of the Southern Science Park’s Welcome Sunrise Lake, elements such as music and tea are incorporated to provide a multi-sensory experience involving visual, auditory, and gustatory pleasures. Visitors can enjoy cycling or walking by the beautiful … [+]

Provide Agricultural Biotechnology Park Trilogy Public Art Installation Services(2010)

The characteristics of this project, agricultural industry, may not be as important and prosperous at the current society, but not to deny, the future development of the agricultural industry will still be effective to the whole economy, which Taiwan evidently … [+]

Provide Southern Taiwan Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2010)

The first phase of the public art project of Southern Taiwan Science Park was executed with the method of “Public Art Festival,” which installed 20 pieces of works in the public spaces of the park. These works had various mediums … [+]

Promotion Case for Executing and Marketing Young Artists Discovery: Made in Taiwan(2010)

The Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association hosted the Art Taipei 2010 together from August 19 to 24, 2009. To strongly recommend local emerging teens to be on the international stage and gain visibility, … [+]

Edit Cultural and Arts Procurements Seminar Brochure(2010)

To assist the entry level employees of cultural units and art and culture groups to understand more of the Regulations for Cultural and Arts Procurements, we and the Public Construction Commission hosted six Cultural and Arts Procurements Seminar at June, … [+]

National Taiwan University College of Law Public Art Installation (2010)

Project Features: 1. Encouraging artists to conceive ideas from an innovative perspective and express them using diverse materials. 2. Artwork should integrate with the space, complementing the original architectural design to achieve an overall spatial artistic effect. 3. Consideration of … [+]

Provide National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Public Art Agency Services(2010)

This project aspires the artist to display the characteristics of the Taiwan Photon Source Accelerator lavatory and at the same time express the colleague’s culture, feelings, and memories of this center through constructing an interface for the employees to contact … [+]

Provide National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Public Art Installation Services(2010)

Hope that the creation of public art not only inspires more ocean and environmental education and spreads more art seeds to visitors and neighboring living spaces, but also integrates the historical, cultural characteristics of Taipei Fossil Fuel Power Station in … [+]

Provide 2010 Hsinchu Science Park Public Art Installation Services(2010)

  This project uses three different methods for solicitation: commission creation, comparison invitation, and open call. • Commission Creation Project Created by Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor, the Flower Tower is a continuation of his 1986 Persians series, which … [+]

Shuiyuan Market Public Art Installation Project(2009)

Just one street away from NTU, the Shuiyuan Market Building, which stands over half a century, became quite incompatible with the continuously updating street scenes surrounding it. The Taipei City Government enlisted this architecture under the urban renewal project “Gongguan … [+]

Idea for Action Kaohsiung International Competition Phase III Video Conference (2009)

In the face of global competition and limited resources, an active and creative approach is taken to address urban development issues. – Leverage the boundless creativity of young students to explore unexpected possibilities. – Encourage young students to actively participate … [+]

Ministry of Finance Printing Plant New Factory Building Public Art Installation Project (2009)

Through this public art installation, it responds to the new architecture of Dali Library across the street and its public art, shaping a completely different spatial atmosphere and artistic atmosphere in this area than before. The installation beautifies and artisticizes … [+]

Provide NTBNA—Banqiao Branch Office Building Public Art Installation Services(2009)

1. Correspond with the traits of the base’s environment to create a bold, affinitive, residential public artwork that connects the visual route in order to achieve the goal of creating aestheticity, leisure, public interactivity, and neighborly in public space; aspire … [+]

Ministry of Finance Central Taiwan National Taxation Bureau Fengyuan Branch Public Art Installation (2009)

Huang Qing-Hui ‘Tree of Life Series’ ‘Tree of Life’ A pure white tree, nurtured and cared for with diligence and attention, grows with various imaginative possibilities, like seeds and fruits, waiting to be realized. The fallen acorn will become another … [+]

National Taiwan Ocean University Public Art Installation Commissioned Professional Services (2009)

Through artistic intervention in space, the artwork expresses the development process and future prospects of Ocean University from being specialized and broad to becoming broad and refined in the professional field. It forms an interface between the university’s broad international … [+]

Tainan Science Industrial Park Phase I Phase I Public Art Installation Project (2009)

The first phase of the Tainan Park’s public art project was conducted in the form of a ‘Public Art Season,’ installing 32 works in the park’s public spaces. These diverse and varied artworks not only brought an artistic atmosphere and … [+]

Message of Peace(2009)

The public can go around and penetrate inside this monumental multidimensional artistic environment of the artist Yaacov Agam, and at each step discover new, unexpected visual situations. No one can see everything and no one sees the same things, thus … [+]

National Taiwan University Chemistry New Research Building New Construction Project Public Art Installation Project (2009)

The ‘Chemistry New Research Building’ aims to provide an educational and practical environment while enhancing academic research and establishing international scientific cooperation. Between States by Chen Jian & Tsai Shu-Ying Between Molecules by Albert TU

Provide TRA Xin Zuoying Station Public Art Installation Services(2009)

Using a new method that will release the interior construction fee to artists for overall planning, the art piece really will merge within the station and shape a comprehensive spatiality. The goal of construction is to exert the transport function … [+]

Provide Taipei Municipal Nangang Elementary School Dormitory Public Art Installation Services(2009)

  School is an education unit that also bears the duty of community social education. Through the creation of public art, more artistic seeds will be inspired and art factors will be spread to the living spaces of neighboring community, … [+]

Provide Wanxing Elementary School Classroom & Activity Center Public Art Installation Services(2009)

School is an education unit that also bears the duty of community social education. Through the creation of public art, more artistic seeds will be inspired, and art factors will be spread to the living spaces of neighboring community, which … [+]

Let’s Go(2009)

The sculpture Let’s Go!  is a hybrid between a huge sports shoe, a car, and a ball. It can be perceived as an unusual team bus for a sports team or as an abstract something catapulted out of the interior … [+]

Taipei Flight Information Region Advanced Air Traffic Management Automation System Implementation Project North and South Area Air Traffic Control Operation Center New Construction Project Public Art Installation Execution Project (2008)

Aviation transportation is the most important transportation industry for an island nation, serving as a crucial channel for international contact. ‘Lightness’: The imagery of flight directly addresses issues such as the sense of weight and buoyancy. Lightness is an essential … [+]

13th Taiwan International Print Education Promotion Event (2008)

    Facing the inherent plurality of contemporary printmaking works and the epochal intersection with digital technology, the potential changes in the future of printmaking will become a topic in art history. In order to encourage participation, exploration, learning, and … [+]

Promotion Case for Executing and Marketing Young Artists Discovery: Made in Taiwan(2008)

The MIT—rookies recommendation zone was newly planned in 2008 Art Taipei by the Council for Cultural Affairs, stationed by Yi-Chih Lai, Pei-Ying Huang, Chien-Jen Chiu, Fang-Yi Chu, Pei-Yu Lai, Isa Ho, Jam Wu, and En-Tzu Chang these eight emerging artists … [+]

Kaohsiung Main Station Red Line Public Art Installation(2008)

Public Art’s interface includes artistic creation, landscape space, community and public, and historical culture such four layers. This project not only creates interactions between people and artwork through the public art installation but also creates interactions and communication between people … [+]

Kaoshiung Pier 2 Art Center Artist Open Call Joint Exhibition(2008)

The Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center Artist Open Call Joint Exhibition aims to call for submissions that are experimental, creative, and contemporary, and encourages emerging creators and curators to have the spirit of not limiting to medium and forms and … [+]

Taoyuan International Airport Entrance Imagery (2008)

‘Taoyuan International Airport’ is a crucial gateway for people entering and leaving Taiwan. The landscape along the main connecting road, ‘National Highway No. 2,’ directly influences the primary impression left on domestic and international travelers passing through this section. The … [+]

National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Extension Project Public Art Installation (2008)

This spiral space combines sculptural dynamic geometry with the light and shadow changes in architectural space, aiming to achieve the ‘water imagery.’ In addition to basic lighting functions, the corridor and the partition walls of the restrooms use indirect lighting. … [+]

National Tsing Hua University Dormitory New Construction Project Public Art Project (2007

At the request of National Tsing Hua University, our company invited internationally renowned artist Susumu Shingu to create a work for the university. The project combines the public art budgets of three public buildings and public engineering projects within the … [+]

The World Games 2009 Main Stadium Nationwide Participation Event (2007)

Planned and organized the “Space and Architecture Children’s Experience Camp,” using games and hands-on activities to guide children in understanding architecture, the environment, and space, promoting environmental education. The camp took place on December 30 and 31, 2006, and approximately … [+]

National Defense University Public Art Installation (2007)

Military Education New Era – Tradition and Innovation: Seeking consensus between tradition and innovation to align with the new educational content and aesthetic appreciation of philosophy, science, and military science in the era of rapid scientific and strategic thinking changes. … [+]

Provide NTU Mingda Hall Public Art Installation Services(2007)

  This project was formed due to the needs of academic development and lack of laboratories in the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NTU. Under the pressure of deficient governmental budget, the funding of this construction project all … [+]

National Matsu Senior High School Public Art Installation (2007)

Wu Chien-Fu ‘Matsu Image’ ‘Migration’: Symbolizes the connection between the island and the emotions of the ocean, representing the continuous emotional visits of students from various places to Matsu. ‘Glittering Waves’: After the rain, the clear sky emerges, and the … [+]

Hualien International Stone Carving Festival— International Sculptors Exhibition: Style Trends and Art(2007)

This exhibition curates with the ideal of mainly displaying with contemporary and modern sculptural works, and using “traditional” and “innovated” materials as the basics for categorizing the commonly seen sculpture mediums and finding more representative works that show more and … [+]

International Paper Art Exhibition (2007)

The opening ceremony features a “Stairway to Colorful Wings” paper fashion show! Twenty students from Nengren High School will wear self-designed paper dresses, showcasing elegant poses on the stairs of the Memorial Hall. The vibrant paper dresses, set against the … [+]

Provide Liutui Hakka Cultural Park Public Art Installation Services(2007)

This project’s topic is “Find the Roots‧Reproduce Hakka Spirit.” The traditional Taiwanese Hakka culture displays characteristics such as “respect God, value ancestors, be aware of the harmonious interaction with nature.” Thus, this project aspires to interpret the “Liutui Hakka spirit” … [+]

Provide NCYU College of Management & Multi-Purpose lnstruction Building Public Art Installation Services(2007)

                The display of public art wishes to reflect the building’s modern simplicity and the Zen atmosphere and traits created by the inner and outer plaza, which also persists the urban axis of … [+]

Kaohsiung Port Wharves 1-22 Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy Planning International Design Competition (2006)

This project received submissions from 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and domestic teams, totaling more than 20 entries. After two phases of evaluation by 15 outstanding judges from both … [+]

Taiwan Pavilion in 2006 Biennale Architecttura di Venezia(2006)

This time our media literature worked out successfully, between September 6-9, 2006, a total of 113 international media and professionals visited the Taiwan Pavilion, and among those are six from exhibition/museum, 41 international media, 63 professionals, 3 scholars, and a … [+]

Provide NTU Barry Lam Hall Public Art Installation Services(2006)

  In cooperation with the image of Barry Lam Hall architecture and its characteristic shape and surroundings, we beautified the environment and architecture, improved the diversity of the public space, created spatial aesthetic, and considered the maintenance in the future.

Taishan Senior High School Library and Information Center Public Art Project (2006)

  The construction of TSSH Library and Information Center symbolizes the school’s spirit of tradition and legacy and the meaning of opening up a new era. The library is the axis of the school’s education assistance; therefore, to provide a … [+]

National Taiwan University Department of Electrical Engineering Building – Mingda Building Public Art Installation (2006)

Xu, Li-Xian’s ‘Stairs’: Using the circular arch, a distinctive feature of NTU’s architecture, as a structural element for the sculpture. Four identical components, at different heights and angles, form a multiple rhythmic structure. From a single circular shape, it becomes … [+]

Binjiang Junior High School Dorm Construction and Public Art Installation(2005)

The chess-like public art at the main entrance of Binjiang Junior High School is created by the French artist Daniel Buren, who used to exhibit at Pompidou and other art centers, and it symbolizes education is like playing chess through … [+]

National Taiwan University New Construction Project Public Art Installation – New South Road Underground Parking Lot (2005)

‘Leading with Heart’ by Chen Cheng Hsun: A modern street furniture design with a ‘people-oriented’ approach, symbolizing the sportsmanship of NTU people leading society towards a better life. ‘Observation. Separation’ by Yang Wei-Lin: With the development of computer weaving technology, … [+]

Taiwan New Landscape Movement Special Exhibition – Changhua Exhibition Implementation (2005)

In order to make various sectors better understand the century-old endeavor related to Taiwan’s landscape, the Executive Yuan specifically compiled recent achievements in various promotion efforts and organized the ” Taiwan New Landscape Movement Exhibition.” The exhibition was held at … [+]

Taiwan Shilin District Court Neihu Office Building Public Art Installation (2003)

This public art project has two plans: first, through the method of ‘selection and purchase,’ 68 pieces are placed in public spaces such as the second to fifth-floor corridors, ‘Court Art Gallery,’ and public areas like the litigant and lawyer … [+]