Returning to Youth • See the Age of Hope

Date: 2016.10.25-2017.01.15
Time: 09: 00-18: 00
Location: CKS Memorial Hall Central Corridor

1950s Taiwan, faced with a dangerous international situation, experienced Kinmen shelling, 823 artillery, in the United States under the assistance of loans for industrial construction, whether it is economic, cultural, people’s livelihood and other aspects are becoming stable. “Import substitution” policy and the continued US aid loans, the stability of the people’s livelihood in Taiwan slowly.

Internationally, the presence of US troops not only strengthens Taiwan’s strategic position in the Pacific region, but also transmits American popular western pop culture through American Forces Network (AFN). Trendy ideas also entered Taiwan, for the young people, these Western literature, music and movies is undoubtedly the most fashionable and the most popular information channel.

Not only popular culture to the United States as the mainstream, when young students also appeared between the “Come, come to Taiwan, go, go to the United States,” the doggerel, from this jingle seems to be the joint entrance examination system . In the past, these smug youths absorbed the first wave of modern ideas and cultural tide in Taiwan after the war. They opened their arms to accept new knowledge. They also became important representatives of Taiwan’s culture, politics and economic circles in the future. Moreover, the economy took off in the 1970s. power.

Looking back, the exhibition period to the 1960s 18 to 30-year-old young generation as the protagonist, by the young people’s point of view, from the roots of the roots of education, then extended to popular culture, and then extended to the arts and vision Aesthetic and other development, so that we are in the 21st century, through the exhibition to revisit the 1960s Sentimental years, and to see that good youth, the common hope of the era of infinite possibilities.

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