This exhibition uses the method of inflatable art to conceal imaginative large creatures and plantlike art pieces in the Swan Lake Ecological Park in order to highlight the characteristics of the local natural environment. This arrangement of contemporary art within the natural landscape presents the blended cultural atmosphere of the city’s old and new cultures and stimulates an interesting communication between contemporary art and landscape. The Ministry of Culture combines with the Yuejin Lantern Festival at the neighboring Yanshui District, Tainan for the first time and invites artists from Taiwan, Korea, and Great Britain to create extraordinary and amazing art pieces with different sizes for the Swan Lake Ecological Park at the Xinying District, Tainan in order to emphasize the traits of the natural landscapes. We also invite citizens and travelers to visit the Swan Lake while participating in the Yuejin Lantern Festival, and to “think outside of the box” during the Chinese New Year holiday.

  • Date: 201502
  • Filed under: Exhibition