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Strength from the Mountain and the Sea Indigenous Art Exhibition Curator| Wang, Yu Hsin ( Tanivu Tapari ) Strength from the Mountain and Sea Indigenous Art Exhibition adopts the cura- torial concept based on the ancient Austronesian terms, “Ceoa” (land), “Pusu” (root) and “Wawa” (ocean), to create a cross-year exhibition at the National chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall that aims to initiate a dial ogue between ancient wisdom and contemporary society so that the primal life memories can be recalled when facing injustice in history. The land nourishes the appearance, diversity and traditional wisdom of the
indigenous culture, and records the wonderful richness of life. The ancient lan- guage of the Tsou language – Ceoa (land) reveals the shift and representation of artistic creation.
The Truku language – Pusu (root) explains the nature and origin of the family. The “true experience” of natural disasters and man- made disasters in the distant ages constructs an interpretation system of self-recognition and attempts to explain the things around us. The creat ion stemming from it is full of cherish- ment for and self-contemplation on the earth and life, forming the initiative to seek the path of salvation from the traditional knowledge.
The Tao language – Wawa (Ocean) means the broadness, tolerance, deepness and mystery of the ocean. It is the hope of the islan der. The ocean is the hope and path that can link with other islands worldwide. The culture and art of the indigenous people have produced a variety of forms and connotations because of the changes of the environment. This indicates the release of energy and the pursuit of one’s deepest urge in life. The passing down and spreading of indigenous oral history/my thology empowers the people, the development of art and the sustainability of the land.


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