Analyze the work’s basic information of the current year, such as the number of pieces of works, current situation of promotion in each county and city, and artists’ engagements are all one of the purposes of editing this editorial in order to understand more about the overall presence of the execution of the year’s public art regulations and display the yearbook’s basic function of “taking history as a mirror” to reflect, precipitate, and deepen the regulations and provide a better future. Every year’s yearbook will choose one main topic, invite professionals from various areas, and present monographs on examples from abroad and local. It will also correspond with a seminar for experts to exchange thoughts and brainstorm together on issues about public art. Last but not least, it will attach the annual significant appendix, including important events, regulation amendments, theories and publishing count, index with works’ basic information, list of bureaus, county and city committee, and contacts of public art department in each county and city’s MOC. These functional appendixes will elevate the usage rate of the yearbook.


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