This project uses three different methods for solicitation: commission creation, comparison invitation, and open call.
• Commission Creation Project
Created by Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor, the Flower Tower is a continuation of his 1986 Persians series, which constructs to depict the spectacular scene of flowers blooming under natural light. The vibrant colors shine and reflect on each other, as if shining under sunlight, and the Persian flower also symbolizes the Hsinchu Science Park is vigorous and full of life just like flowers flourishing.
• Comparison Invitation
Created by artist Yang, Chih-Fu, Multiply.Bloom is installed at the Hsinchu Science Park–Zhunan Park, and it develops an independent, diversified, organic, and irregular geometric shape through a technique similar to abstract expressionism. The shapes constructed by liberal lines walk toward the technological “broken aesthetics” in a disintegrated way.
• Open Call
Created by artist Hu, Tung-Min, Universal Nature’s egg-like space is like a miniature of the sky, as if a world constructed by a sky ball, which people can walk into the work at different directions, just as different cultures accumulated at the Science Park and injected unlimited vigor and aspirations for better future; the stone material breaks through the dirt like a sprout, extends the enormous resources the earth holds, and becomes the foundation stone for economic development through human’s creation and polish.

  • Date: 2010-2013
  • Filed under: Public Arts