Creative RoughnessContemporary Israeli Design

Design: the Backbone of the Start-up Nation,
the Leverage to Optimize Limited Resources


Date :2016.07.09-08.14

Time1000 – 1800

Venue Songshan Cultural and Creative Park


1. From desert land to Start-up Nation45 Israeli designers showcasing 300 fabulous projects!

The second international exchange exhibition of WDC Taipei 2016, “Creative Roughness: Contemporary Israeli Design”, is curated by renowned Israeli designer Alon Razgour. 300 amazing works from 45 Israeli designers offer an amazing glimpse over contemporary Israeli design in the past 20 years, recapturing the journey of how desert lands became a design Start-up Nation.


2. Innovative designs in green energies, medical assistive devices–  “make do” with new ideas

Israel, given the difficult environmental conditions, has never been out of water. The Green IQ Smart Garden Hub can provide smart control over outdoor irrigation system on the basis of real-time weather report, saving as much as 50% of water resources. Israel has long been admired for its advanced technologies, which have helped accelerate the creation of good designs in various industries, including healthcare, security, etc.. In the exhibition there are also assistive devices specifically designed for senior citizens with osteoporosis and foot drop patients.


3. Israels Design DNA: better life, fashion and lifestyle

In addition to exhibits showcasing designs in green energies and medical devices, there are also fashion and lifestyle exhibits from Israel, including clothes manufactured by 3D printing, modern furniture pieces covered with traditional weaving patterns. Come and discover the interesting context of Israeli design!


4. Design marathon! Design forums with top Israeli designers!

During the exhibition, 7 designers from Israel will join the forums to discuss their ideas on branding, trends of medical device design, innovative craftsmanship in fabric making, design and material in green energies, and so on. You will see all the endless brilliant ideas they have, which in essence are the key to better business opportunities and beautiful life!



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  • Date: 2016.07.09-08.14
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