On October 29th we hosted the awards ceremony and revealed the Excellence Award, the Artistic Creation Award, the Environmental Integration Award, the Public Participation Award, the Public Self-run Public Art Award, and the Special Jury Award, such seven main awards. A total of 236 projects enrolled for competition this year, and through the strict review mechanism of 3 stages—preliminary review, secondary review, and final review—17 projects stand out and won at last. Within those who won, the General Administrative Office of Taiwan Power Company earns the Excellence Award, and the Special Jury Award is given to the M.O.T.C. Freeway Bureau Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System.

The Minister of Culture Yong-De Lee indicates that since the Public Art Award established in 1999, a total of 4425 pieces have been installed and about 7.9 billion dollars are invested; moreover, the types enrolled have become more diverse. Lee anticipates that through the Public Art Award more departments and artists are encouraged to join public art. In addition, to begin the next 20 years of Public Art, the M.O.C. has started to amend the Culture and Arts Reward Act to respond the ever-changing form and scale of Public Art, hoping to continuously cooperate with Taiwanese artists and creators in shaping the next decade for Public Art.



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