Green Touch: Asia Eco Craft Design Exhibition” explores the philosophy and im-plementation of eco design in contemporary craftsmanship. Highlighting the spirits of “local sourcing” and “hand making” within the context of traditional crafts develop-ment, the exhibition tackles eco-friendly ideas in contemporary craftsmanship such as material research, production technology, development of multiple functions, as well as end-of-life product disposition, and illustrates how crafts are presented with ideal aesthetic form and functionality, leading to further discussions on the relationships of craft design, traditional culture and social economy.

Because of geographic location and climate conditions, Taiwan and many Southeast-ern Asian countries are blessed with variety of crafts materials and rich aesthetics. In 2014, during “M&O Asia”, we were very much impressed by the stunning dynamics of marketing power and design capabilities in Asia; therefore in Green Touch, aside from promoting eco craft design in Taiwan, we expand our scope to channel creative energy from Thailand, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia into the exhibi-tion, showcasing a conversation on eco craft design among Taiwan and Southeastern Asian countries.

Through such exhibition with environmental awareness, we look forward to raise pub-lic attention for Mother Earth, and that both manufacturer and consumer fully support eco-design strategies, focus on smart consumption, valuing objects, and eventually strive forward towards sustainable development that equally recognizes life, ecology, and health.

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