The 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival takes place in Dalun, Zhongli District and Shuanglianpo, Pingzhen District from Septemper 18 to October 4, a duration of 17 days, to present the theme “Construction of City”. Starting from the city’s future, natural landscape, and circular economy, we discover the relationships between urban and rural, land and architecture; moreover, from highly urbanized central area crossing the urban-rural integration line, we discuss the development and change in Taoyuan’s urban-rural scene within the distance of a single-road distinction. Base on these two areas’ evolving process, we see the connection between ecology, architecture, and humanity. This year’s festival uses “bamboo” as topic, divides the exhibition space into Dalun and Shuanglianpo, and invites artists to create either according to nature and characteristics of humanistic environment, work on site, or cooperate with the public; in addition, the festival leads to consider the possibility of bamboo as material, entering living spaces and the development of the bamboo industry in order to build an international culturalistic festival from Taoyuan.

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