Chung Yuan on Wings is inspired by the ancient maps of Taiwan and Taoyuan. The shapes are all narrow and long, allowing people to live and work in peace and contentment on this land. Using the unique toughness of bamboo to create curvature, under the stacked layers of lines, overlooking the work to shape the landscape image of Taiwan and Taoyuan. Viewed from the long side, the large curved roof creates a sense of “spreading wings and soaring”, which is a good intention to welcome the reuse of the Chung Yuan camp area as a cultural and creative base. The work will use contemporary anti-corrosion technology to prolong the life of bamboo, practice the spirit of sustainable architecture, and provide visitors with a natural and quiet space.


Artist: Soe Win Zaw(Pounamu Design)

Construstion Team: YU WEN FU ART STUDIO

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