Taiwan, with seventy percent of its land covered by mountains, is renowned as the ‘Island of Divine Trees.’ Within the lush and expansive forests, there lies a plethora of ‘Giant Tree Mountain Groups,’ some aged over a thousand years, scattered throughout the island. Among them, Yilan, with its abundant and diverse mountainous resources and natural landscapes, is affectionately known as the ‘Hometown of Hinoki Cypress.’

This exhibition is divided into the ‘Giant Trees’ section and the ‘Tree Stumps’ section. By showcasing original giant trees and tree stumps, visitors can appreciate the unique characteristics, fragrances, and textures of each tree species. The exhibition aims to highlight the captivating features, aromas, and appearances of different tree species.

Exhibition Dates: From 10/15/2022
Exhibition Venue: 1st-floor Visitor Lobby and 4th-floor Mountain Layer, Yilan Lanyan Museum, Yilan County

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