This exhibition surrounds on important traditional performance art of Taiwanese opera (gezaixi) off-stage music preserver Zhu-An Lin, important traditional craft art of mural painting preserver Ping-Shun Hung, and important traditional craft art of wood carving preserver Ping-Kui Lee.
Lin artisan, representative in the area of gezaixi off-stage music, masters in various musical opera such as Nanguan, Beiguan, Peking Opera, and gezaixi; Lin also proficiently plays instruments accordingly to scenes. Hung artisan masters in mural paintings on traditional architectures, especially, in paint, adorn, and oil; Hung’s painting themes are diversified yet still hold various houses’ styles and uniqueness. Lee artisan, born in a wood crafting family, is acknowledged as the chiseling technique preserver by the M.O.C. for consisting both skill and aesthetic. The three artisans not only overcome a long period of learning craft, displaying craft, and embracing craft, but also carry the concept and spirit of passing down the legacy of traditional art.



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