Taipei City Government has organized the Design and City Exhibition since 2012, aiming to highlight the devotion and importance of design within the scope of contemporary city development. With the realization of city value created by Taipei’s citizens, the exhibition consolidates social awareness and further creates boarder cultural vision of Taipei.
Taipei All Inclusive – Taipei Design and City Exhibition 2018” takes the concept of “all inclusive” as its theme, trying to explore the way the design makes people in all ages, genders, occupations, identity backgrounds and ethnic groups return to the essence of exchanges in the city which is formed by the assemblage of individuals. As Taipei functions as a container of cultural diversity, we look forward that all the people are able to create a wonderful life with the approaches of friendliness, tolerance, innovation and inheritance. This exhibition aims to discuss various issues in the ordinary life. Through design, we establish a close interpersonal relationship the relationship between human beings and the city, creating a sustainable city.
This exhibition proposes five major topics including “Aesthetic and Art Education,” “Aesthetic and Art Education,” “Age-Friendly Design,” “Urban Aesthetic and Design,” “Inclusive Playground Design,” and “Redistribution, Recycling, and Reuse.” We aim to share and present international and local cases and make our audience realize the significance of design in every level of lives.An inclusive city pursues the state that enable people communicate with each other and create sense of identity. We aims that “Taipei All Inclusive – Taipei Design and City Exhibition 2018” draws on the experience of Taiwan and the international experience to interpret contemporary social phenomena, presenting the methods and motivation of Taipei and the world’s cities in design. We look forward to the various possibilities activated by design, creating spaces and opportunities for mutual understanding and collision, and establishing a livable city where all people are inclusive.

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