When art leaves the museum, there are more possible relationships between art, space, and the public!
At the 2013 Land Art Festival, we experienced the heat of culture and art. This year, with the special scenery at the mystic Taoyuan naval base, along with sunshine, adventure, exploration, and experience, Taoyuan once again presents its different face with land art and guide everyone to explore this space and feel the charisma within. Due to such reason, we choose the broad base as site, insert internationally famous installation art, reconstruct the local depth, and reproduce residential memory, strengthen Taoyuan provincial characteristics, and publicize Taoyuan’s vitality and enthusiasm.
This curating concept can be split into four main groups, “with art as medium, merge with local space and time,” “multi-aspect artistic activities, construct a public uniting atmosphere,” “open access of Taoyuan naval base, display Taoyuan aviation culture,” and “elevate art and culture life, actively integrate with global community.”