The location Xinwu (New House) originated from the successful tillage of the Fan-Chiang family and the continuous constructions of ancestral temples and new houses, which locals called “building new houses” in Hakka, and earned its name from since. Except from leaving a location name, the “building of new houses of the Fan-Chiang family” also left a heritage of an affection of successfully managing and aspiration of a beautiful hometown. The old Xinwu now, with its preserved village scenery and traditional Hakka features along with the hillside canal culture, received a chance to be paid attention to and reappear. With this background as basics, this project adopted the attitude of “overturning memory, creating dreams” to interpret the current traits with creativity by following the original life trajectory and features, and provide a new definition for the new elements in the environment. By emphasizing old (values) with new (reappear), the public were affected with emotions, the symbolism of “building new houses” continued, and Xinwu became an ideal living area that was admired by all.

  • Date: 2013.10-2013.11
  • Filed under: Exhibition