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Exhibition planning, catalogue publishing, and media promotion events on visual arts, art crafts and design, historical artifacts from local and abroad

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Land art festivals, spatial design, creation and installation of artworks, project management, publishing catalogues, educational seminars

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Call for international submissions, international media advertisement, overseas business solicitation events, and foreign travelling exhibitions on art, design, and architecture

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Agency of international renowned artists’ designed licensed products and selling


Yilan Cultural Technology 5G Application Project: 2023-2024 Annual Art Maker Festival Series and Overseas Export Demonstration Commissioned Professional Service (2023)

The 7th annual Yilan cultural event, the ‘2023 Art Maker Festival,’ has kicked off in grand style! Five outstanding artists from both Taiwan and abroad have been invited to showcase their works, connecting art with 5G technology and digital innovation. … [+]

“2023 Taiwan Ceramics Awards Planning and Exhibition Execution” Commissioned Professional Services Procurement (2023)

In the spirit of “Witnessing Exemplars, Creating the Future, Enriching the Present,” the Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City has organized the “Taiwan Ceramics Awards,” featuring four major categories: “Excellence Award,” “Creative Award,” “Practical Award,” and “Emerging Talent Award.” … [+]

2023 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project – Flowing Along the Banks (2023)

The 2023 Taipei Landscape Public Art Project revolves around the theme ‘Flowing Along the Banks.’ Through curated artistic presentations, the project guides the public to trace the trajectory of landscape development, allowing for a fresh perspective on the urban landscape … [+]

Taipei Fashion Week – ‘Woman in Arts & Fashion’ (2023)

The Taiwan Women’s Art Association collaborates with SS24 Taipei Fashion Week to proudly present the ‘Woman in Arts & Fashion’ fashion show on October 16, 2023. Curated by Ms. Yuling Wang, the curator and chairwoman of the Taiwan Women’s Art … [+]

Taoyuan City A8 Transit Center BOT Project Public Art Administration Agency (2023)

The sculpture “Wheel of Happiness,” created by artists Chen Li-Sin and Chiang Hsien-Ming, stands at the main entrance and exit of the transit center. The circular, hollow sculpture symbolizes completeness, with regular lines extending inside and outside, representing the movement … [+]

Love in the Temple | Bangka Lungshan Temple – The Birthday Party of God of Love (2023)

Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the birthday of the God of Love, who is the divine overseer of matchmaking. On this day, it is considered the best time to seek blessings for romantic relationships. To celebrate this auspicious … [+]