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Exhibition planning, catalogue publishing, and media promotion events on visual arts, art crafts and design, historical artifacts from local and abroad

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Land art festivals, spatial design, creation and installation of artworks, project management, publishing catalogues, educational seminars

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Call for international submissions, international media advertisement, overseas business solicitation events, and foreign travelling exhibitions on art, design, and architecture

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Agency of international renowned artists’ designed licensed products and selling


Akinori Oishi (大石暁規 )

  Akinori’s vast creative range encompasses illustrations, animations, character designs, and more. The signature “smiling face” emblem conveys a positive force and optimistic sentiment. He creates a universal visual language with pure and innocent patterns and symbols, which embodies profound … [+]

Chung Yuan on Wings(2023)

Chung Yuan on Wings is inspired by the ancient maps of Taiwan and Taoyuan. The shapes are all narrow and long, allowing people to live and work in peace and contentment on this land. Using the unique toughness of bamboo … [+]

Special Exhibition for Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize(2021))

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein receiving the Nobel Prize, this exhibition displays installations and science toys related to Einstein’s scientific theories, demonstrates experiments with the help of imaging technology, and presents his principles. The exhibition … [+]

Provide Shalung Green Energy Technology Park Public Art Execution Services(2021)

Title:Eden Technology Year:2021 Artist:Hsu, Tsung-Chieh Description: Fruit of the Sun :L1010cm×W1010 cm×H465 cm Messenger of the Wind 1: W960×L410×H1180cm Messenger of the Wind 2 :W1030×L420×H1180 cm Materials:Stainless steel , Aluminium Dimensions: Fruit of the Sun : It used the same … [+]

Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas-The Homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection(2021)

This exhibition stands in the foot of Doctor of Pharmacy, collector, and donator HSU Hong-Yuan to display the caring perspective and invested enthusiasm in his life. A total of 232 pieces of works are exhibited and 195 artists, birth-year ranging … [+]

Armed Forces Museum Relics Selection(2021)

The Armed Forces Museum celebrates its 60th anniversary, and this exhibition uses 60 classic items from its collection as the main axis of curation. Through displaying calligraphy, paintings, medals, images, certificates, historical data, weapons, and other diversified types of items, … [+]